Saturday, September 6, 2008

At the Zoo for Justin's birthday

Justin wanted to go to the zoo for his birthday this year. We saw some of our favorite animals and I've included some of their pictures. We also saw a really neat bird show and after handing over a donation to the cockatoos (they took the money out of your hand and dropped it into the donation box) we got to take pictures with the eagles. You definitely don't want to make those guys mad =D.

The cute black bear

The sweet faced red panda

The pretty tiger

We decided to ride the 'Conservation Carousel'

Justin wanted to ride the Lobo (wolf)

Justin, Bryan, and JulieAnn with the golden eagle. He was getting a little spooked with all the people moving around so he'd flap his wings. It got pretty windy standing just below him.

Bryan and JulieAnn with the bald eagle.

Mom, Justin, and Dad with the bald eagle.