Sunday, July 20, 2008

Camping for Bryan's Birthday

This year for Bryan's birthday we went camping at Steineker Lake in Vernal. We all had a great time fishing (Bryan actually caught something), tubing, and just sitting around enjoying nature (especially all the cotton blowing around in our faces =D ). Bryan got a telescope for his birthday so we brought it out because it works the best when there isn't a lot of light pollution. Too bad it was way too cloudy to see anything. Here are a few of the pictures we took.

Cindy and Oakley are ready for the beach!

Kirk likes his new boat.

Michiel keeping an eye on Kirk and making sure he didn't traumatize all the kids.

Madison and her friend Austin had a great ride on the tube.

Malorie wasn't too excited about having her picture taken, but she sure wanted her turn on the tube.

Everyone tried to get JulieAnn on the tube, but she knows better.

Bryan is getting ready to go tubing. He's a little scared because his brother Kirk just made two other people wreck and do back flips off the tube with his crazy driving.

Bryan and Madison in the tube

"Did you guys know that this water smells like fish?"----Malorie Dawn

Madison waiting for a bite.

Cindy and Jack enjoyed the sunset while they waited for the fish to bite.

With the new telescope, Bryan and JulieAnn have been looking at Jupiter and it's 4 moons. Also, some of the constellations that are visible right now are the big and little dipper, Hercules, Scorpius and Cassiopeia.

JulieAnn is beginning to love star gazing!

Bryan with his new Telescope.